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This project can be funded in United States Containerized water plants

General description: containerized (mobile) water treatment plants, fully automatic, intended for processing of any kinds of raw-water sources (tap-water, wells, rivers, lakes, dams and/or seawater) to obtain a high quality drinking water according to the WHO Guidelines. Containers are fully equipped and ready to use, independent of central electricity for producing of drinking water for public buildings, schools, factories, villages, resorts, military bases, hotels, rest-houses, etc. Low maintenance costs, easy for operation and maintenance.

Main technical parameters:
• Containers: 20Ft or 40Ft standard containers, suitable for loading on truck;
• Main power supply: central electricity 380V/50Hz (3 phases, 4 wires);
• Backup power supply: Diesel generator for 120% of the installed power;
• Additional option for power supply: solar panels at request (optional);
• Raw-water sources: tap-water, wells, rivers, lakes, dams or seawater;
• Working mode: continuous (24/7), automatic;
• Membranes cleaning: automatic (integrated CIP-system);
• Pure water: qualitative drinking water according to the WHO Guidelines;
• Capacity: 1 000 - 20 000 Liters/hour pure water;

Container's equipping:
• Diesel generator engine’s brands: Perkins, Deutz, Cummins (silent types);
• Fuel tank capacity (diesel): for 24 hrs normal working process;
• Generator engine exhaust: outside the container;
• Lockable doors, lightings, main switchboard with fuses, control cabinet, wall sockets for 220V/50Hz - 4 pcs;
• Protection against static electricity and electric current on the machines housings;
• Protection against overload and high inrush current;
• Ventilation system: air-condition (1 set), exhaust fan (1 set), wall fan (3 sets);
• Container floor: 4mm thick aluminum checkered (anti-skid) plate;
• Container dyeing (spraying): white paint inside and outside;

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