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This project can be funded in United States UHT Milk production Line

General description: Complete production line for UHT fresh or flavoured milk from milk powder, aseptic filled in multilayer paper boxes with shelf-life more than 8 months. Complete and fully automatic process (as Turnkey project) with capacity 2000 boxes/hr of 1000ml. Production process include all stages - from water treatment, dosing, mixing, homogenizing, sterilization, filling and sealing in multilayer paper from a roll, cap-application, boxes arranging and PE-foil shrinking, to the packed product in the storehouse cold-room. The entire process is fully automatic and programmable...

Main production modules (basic description):
Automatic water treatment equipment:
- Source: ordinary tap-water, wells, rivers, lakes or dams;
- Optional water source: seawater (at further request);
- Processing: full process by 6 stages with Reverse Osmosis;
- Method of sterilization: UV (4 x 50W) & Ultra-filtration at 0.22µm;
- Total water consumption: about 5000 L/hr;
- Total pure water capacity: 3000 L/hr (about 60%);
- Pure water for beverage preparation: 2000 l/hr (2000 x 1000ml boxes);
- Pure water for steam, cooling and cleaning: about 1000 l/hr;
Automatic preparation and mixing system:
- Milk powder (skimmed & whole) dosing and mixing machine;
- Capacity: up to 2000 l/hr;
- Mixing tank with retention: high-speed bypass pump and propeller;
- Degassing machine: vacuum extraction of all dissolved gases in the prepared beverage solution;
Automatic homogenization machine:
- Capacity: up to 2000 l/hr;
- Working pressure: 20 ~ 25 Mpa;
Automatic sterilization (pasteurization) machine:
- Type: tubular or plate;
- Sterilization temperature: 115 ~ 130°C;
- Retention time: 2 ~ 10 sec (adjustable);
- Outlet temperature: <40°C;
Automatic Tetra Pak® machine with cap applicator:
- Process: Shaping - Filling - Sealing (Aseptic);
- Capacity (filling speed): 2000 boxes/hr of 1000ml;
- Filling temperature: 35±3°C;
- Integrated InkJet printer for LOT/Shelf-life (3-rows);
- Integrated cap applicator for screw or flat caps;
Automatic chemical cleaning (CIP) system for all machines in the line:
- Working pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.7Mpa;
- Operating temperature: 60 ~ 138°C;
- Pump capacity: 6000 l/h;
- Tanks: acid, alkaline and water;
Automatic stacking system (PE-foil shrinking) for boxes:
- Working mode: continuous, automatic;
- Working type: L-shape;
- Packing format: 2x3, 3x4 in a stack;
- Control voltage: 24v DC/AC;
- Capacity: 12 stacks/min;
- Dimension: 6500 x 3200 x 2100mm;
- Weight: 760kg;
- Installed power: 19kW;
- Compressed air pressure: 0.6Mpa;
- Foil thickness 70 ~ 95µm;
- Density 0.92g/cm3;
- Vertical shrinking rate 70±5%;
- Lateral shrinking rate 20±5%;
- Shrinking temperature 180 ~ 210°C;
- Roll core diameter 75mm;
- Roll outer diameter (max) 400mm;
- Roll width (max) 740mm;
Conveyor system:
- Overall length: about 40 - 45m, depending of the factory layout;
- Main parts: plastic/stainless plates conveyor belts, box-conveyor, buffers;
- Control system, central lubrication system, cables, engines, sensors, etc;

Main technical parameters of the complete line:
• Required installation area: about 280-320m2 for the complete production line;
• Total capacity: up to 6 000 boxes/hour based on filling volume 125ml;
• Total installed power: 60.8kW (380V/50Hz - 3 phases, 4 wires) - can be customized;
• Actual power consumption: <40kW;
• Operation control: PLC, programmable;
• Material: SU304 food grade stainless steel;
• Video surveillance system: for 24 critical points with remote access by Internet, video-server and archive for 6 months;
• Maintenance: according to the User manual and maintenance instruction;
• Installation, commissioning and factory tests within 12-15 days, and training within up to 30 days after commissioning;
• Warranty: 24 months after commissioning, full post-warranty service, 24/7 online support;

Purpose: production of milk or flavoured milk from milk powder in Tetra Pak® carton boxes;
Shelf-life of products: more than 8 months for milk products;
Line's full set include: all auxiliary parts and devices (all compressors, filters, vacuum-steam-generators, gadgets, wires, pipes, fasteners, etc.);
Available versions of this line: for filling volumes 250ml and 500ml box shapes "Base" (brick) and "Slim";
Customizing of the line according to the personal requirements and budget: Yes;

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