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This project can be funded in United States UHT Drinks production Line

General description: Complete production line for UHT drinks (milk, flavoured milk, fruit juices, teas, etc.) aseptic filled in multilayer paper boxes with long shelf-life. Full and automatic process (as Turnkey project) with capacity 6 000 boxes/hr of 125ml (250ml) with straw. Production process include all stages - from multilayer paper from roll and raw-water treatment, through filling, sealing, straw application, tray shaping and arranging, to the packed product in the storehouse. The entire process is fully automatic and programmable...

Main production modules (basic description):
Automatic water treatment equipment:
- Source: ordinary tap-water, wells, rivers, lakes or dams;
- Optional water source: seawater (at further request);
- Method of sterilization: UV (4 x 50W) & Ultra-filtration at 0.22µm;
- Total water consumption: about 2500 L/hr;
- Total pure water capacity: 1500 L/hr (about 60%);
- Pure water for beverage preparation: about 750 l/hr (6000 x 125ml);
- Pure water for steam, cooling and cleaning: about 750 l/hr;
Automatic beverage preparation and mixing system:
- Milk powder (skimmed & whole) dosing and mixing machine;
- Fruit concentrate (liquid & powder) dosing and mixing machine;
- Capacity: up to 1000 l/hr;
- Mixing tank with retention: high-speed bypass pump and propeller;
- Degassing machine: vacuum extraction of all dissolved gases in the prepared beverage solution;
Automatic homogenization machine:
- Capacity: up to 1000 l/hr;
- Working pressure: 20 ~ 25 Mpa;
Automatic sterilization (pasteurization) machine:
- Type: tubular or plate;
- Sterilization temperature: 115 ~ 130°C;
- Retention time: 5 ~ 60 sec;
- Outlet temperature: <40°C;
Automatic Tetra Pak® machine with "U"-straw applicator:
- Process: Shaping - Filling - Sealing (Aseptic);
- Capacity (filling speed): up to 6000 boxes/hr of 125ml;
- Filling temperature: 35±3°C;
- Integrated InkJet printer for LOT/Shelf-life (3-rows);
- Integrated "U"-straw applicator;
Automatic chemical cleaning (CIP) system for all machines in the line:
- Working pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.7Mpa;
- Operating temperature: 60 ~ 138°C;
- Pump capacity: 6000 l/h;
- Tanks: acid, alkaline and water;
Automatic system for tray forming, boxes grouping in the trays and trays PE-shrink (click on image to view enlarged):
- Working mode: continuous, automatic (no-touch);
- Process: full, all stages of packaging (all-in-one);
- Capacity (packing speed): up to 6000 boxes/h;
- Speed control: frequency based;
- Control system: PLC (Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi);
- Tray forming and feeding: automatic;
- Tray gluing and wrapping (PE-shrink): automatic;
- Shrink temperature: 180 - 210°C, adjustable;
- PE-shrink foil: from roll, roll width 740mm (max);

Conveyor system:
- Overall length: about 45 - 55m, depending of the factory layout;
- Main parts: plastic/stainless plates conveyor belts, box-conveyor, buffers;
- Control system, central lubrication system, cables, engines, sensors, etc;
Automatic Palletizing machine:
- Palletizing speed: up to 3 levels/min;
- Pallet size: 1000-1200mm (L) x 800-1000mm (W);
- Maximum height of the pallet: up to 1800 mm;
- Method of arrangement: a bottom-up;
Automatic Pallet-wrapping machine:
- Platform dimensions: diameter: 2000 mm, height: 500 mm;
- Platform loading: up to 2000 kg;
- Maximum height of pallet: 1800 mm;
- Rotation speed: 1-12 rpm/min (adjustable);
- Placing of stretch foil: by hand;
- Power conveyor: 2 m before and 2m after platform;

Main technical parameters of the complete line:
• Required installation area: about 280-320m2 for the complete production line;
• Total capacity: up to 6 000 boxes/hour based on filling volume 125ml;
• Total installed power: 62.0kW (380V/50Hz - 3 phases, 4 wires) - can be customized;
• Actual power consumption: <40kW;
• Operation control: PLC, programmable;
• Material: SU304 food grade stainless steel;
• Video surveillance system: for 24 critical points with remote access by Internet, video-server and archive for 6 months;
• Maintenance: according to the User manual and maintenance instruction;
• Installation, commissioning and factory tests within 12-15 days, and training within up to 30 days after commissioning;
• Warranty: 24 months after commissioning, full post-warranty service, 24/7 online support;

Purpose: milk, flavoured milk, fruit juices, teas, etc, filled in Tetra Pak® carton boxes;
Shelf-life of products: 12 months for juices and teas, more than 8 months for milk products;
Line's full set include: all auxiliary parts and devices (all compressors, filters, vacuum-steam-generators, gadgets, wires, pipes, fasteners, etc.);
Available versions of this line: for filling volumes 125ml, 200ml and 250ml, box shapes "Base" (brick) and "Slim";
Customizing of the line according to the personal requirements and budget: Yes;

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