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This project can be funded in United States Oxygen Water production line

General description: Patented technology for producing of PREMIUM quality drinking water, which is powerful antioxidant and detoxicant, fully absorbable by human body, improves activity of the heart and metabolic processes in the organism. By using of this technology will be obtained not "just another drinking water" on the market. This is completely different water, with unique health benefits, with very delicate and very refined taste. Water passes through 11 stages of treatment, after that it is enriched with additional pure OXYGEN in concentration up to 100 mg/l (1200%).

This technology is patented by POLYTONICA Ltd. with patent application No.111498/2013, issued by Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria.

Main health benefits:
• Achieving and maintaining a good hydration with small water quantity;
• Increasing the Oxygen saturation in the blood;
• Normalising of the biochemical processes in the organism;
• Improving and stabilizing activity of the heart;
• Detoxifying the body and accelerating the degradation of alcohol;
• Stimulating regeneration (healing) processes and reducing inflammation processes;
• Improving the coronary and cerebral circulation, stabilising of mental processes;
• Normalising and stabilising the heartbeat, blood pressure and blood sugar levels;
• Reducing and degrading of lactic acid in muscles, increasing of hemoglobin levels;
• Improving of tissue respiration and reducing of tissue hypoxia;
• Stabilising of aerobic metabolism and ion-permeability of the cell membranes;
• Increasing levels of physical and sexual energy, flexibility and stability. Improving recovery after severe physical and mental stress;
• Improving and stabilization of skin tone, hair's and nail's strength;

Main products obtained by this technology:
PONICA® FRESH water: deeply purified and magnetically treated drinking water with very fine and fresh taste, without Oxygen content. This water is fully absorbable by human body. It is our main (base) water, which we use to enrich with additional Oxygen to obtains all other products;
PONICA® OXY TABLE water: based on our main water, enriched with additional Oxygen in concentration of 40 mg/l (440%). Suitable for everyday use from peoples by all ages as Table water;
PONICA® OXY SPORT water: based on our main water, enriched with additional Oxygen in concentration of 75 mg/l (830%). Suitable for active people, athletes, people who work in harsh conditions, under intense physical or mental stress, and for those who work in contaminated and toxic environment;
PONICA® OXY HEALTH water: based on our main water, enriched with additional Oxygen in concentration of 100 mg/l (1200%). Designed for active Oxygen therapy under medical supervision and control, prevention of cancer diseases, for patients after severe toxic poisoning, irradiation or chemotherapy and other specialized applications. This water is not recommended for unlimited use! It is recommended to be used under medical supervision or after consultation with doctor, because of the risk of over saturation with Oxygen (hyperoxia);

Main technical parameters of the technology:
Required installation area: about 260-280m2 for the complete production line with capacity up to 3000 l/hr;
Complete line include: water treatment, Oxygen enrichment, PET-bottles blowing, bottling (rinsing-filling-capping), labeling, printing, stacking;
Operation mode: continuous, fully automatic, with control systems, protection systems and safety systems;
Suitable raw-water sources: tap-water, wells, rivers, lakes, dams. Not seawater! Technology for seawater can be provided at request;
Recovery rate of water treatment: about 50-55% depending of the parameters of raw-water;
Quality of pure water: Conductivity: <30µS/cm, pH: 6.5-7.5, Hardness: <1 German Degree, Sterilized & Ultra-filtered at 0.1 µm;
Bottling process: automatic, in PET bottles of 250ml, 330ml, 500ml and 1000ml without contact to the air!;

Installation and Commissioning: included in the price, along with factory tests and training within up to 30 days;
Technical warranty: up to 24 months after commissioning in the client's factory, and post-warranty service;
Equipment's full set includes: all main and auxiliary parts and devices (compressors, generators, chillers, wires, pipes, fasteners, etc.);
Available variation of the technology: 1500 l/hr, 3000 l/hr and 6000 l/hr;

Exclusive rights for producing and sales:
- Provided for a specified region/market for period of 10 or more years;
- Full & exclusive licensed rights for producing and sales within this region/market;
- Collaboration capabilities: license agreement or joint-venture;
- Trademark, Industrial design and Certificate mark;
- Using of your Private label (private mark): yes;
- Using of your own bottle design: yes;
- Designing and developing of own Oxy-products (with different Oxygen concentration): yes;

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