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Combi-block bottling system

General description: This is a most advanced, high-performance, multi-functional, fully automatic, convenient and reliable bottling system, intended for beverage industry. This is not just "bottling machine", it is an advanced, new-generation system which perform all processes in producing of many kinds of drinks. Automatic empty bottles acceptance from air-conveyor, and automatic connection to the conveyor line for filled bottles (air-conveyor and conveyor belt). Patented technology with low operation costs, programmable, easy for operation and maintenance.

Main technical parameters:
• Working mode: continuous, automatic;
• Controll: PLC, HMI;
• Bottling volumes: 250ml, 330ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml and 2000ml;
• Capacity (bottling speed): adjustable up to 10 000 b/hr for all volumes;
• Empty bottles acceptance: automatic, from air-conveyor;
• Filled bottles feeding: automatic, to the conveyor belt;
• Bottling environment: closed (it is possible to be Ozonated);
• Labeling: hot-melt wraparound labels before filling! This allows to fill very cold drink, and to avoid bottle warming and drying after filling;
• Working heads: 36 (rinsing), 36 (filling), 10 (fruit concentrate adding), 12 (capping);
• Integrated system for labeling and coding of empty bottles;
• Integrated system for cap-sterilization, cap-feeding and cap-arranging;
• Integrated system for preliminary sterilization and ultra-filtration of the water;
• Integrated system for carbonation of the water with precise dosing;
• Integrated system for addition of a fruit concentrate in the bottles with high precision between 8ml - 80ml in a bottle (please, see this video);
• Integrated system for collecting and recycling of rinse water (no need to discharge rinse water!);
• Integrated CIP-system for chemical cleaning;
• Power supply: 380V/50Hz - 3 phases, 4 wires (can be customized!);
• Installed power: 8.4kW;
• Actual power consumption: <6kW/h;
• Material: SU304 food grade stainless steel;
• Overall dimensions: 6800 x 3400 x 2250mm (LxWxH), Weight: 5500kg;

Main advantages in using of this bottling system:
1. Preparing and bottling of many kinds of drinks (carbonated, non-carbonated, clear, flavoured and colored);
2. Filling speed (capacity) is valid for all filling volumes by precise control of liquid filling flow and pressure, not rotation speed;
3. The drink is not in a contact to the air during the entire process;
4. System for recycling of rinsing water provides an opportunity to use only about 1000 L per day (per working shift) water for rinsing;
5. Adding of fruit concentrate (colors, flavours) is performed after filling, before capping of the bottle. During the filling module passes always only water, and therefore it stays clean!
6. Adding of fruit concentrate is precise and programmable, performed by nozzles with swirler under high pressure. Therefore has a good mixing but without foaming in the botle, even if the drink is carbonated;

Purpose: producing and bottling of many kinds of soft drinks;
Machine's full set includes: all auxiliary parts and devices (compressors, filters, chillers, wires, pipes, fasteners, etc.);
Available variation of the machine: for capacities of 3000 b/h and 6000 b/h;

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