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Blow-molding Machine

General description: Fully automatic, compact, convenient and very reliable machine for producing of PET-bottles from preforms. Suitable for installing in bottling factories as part of the complete production line. Automatic preform feeding and automatic connection to the conveyor line for feeding of empty bottles (air-conveyor or conveyor belt). Combination between 2 machines is possible by using of split-system for empty bottles feeding. Low operation costs, programmable, easy for operation and maintenance.

Main technical parameters:
• Product: Blow-molding Machine;
• Working mode: continuous, automatic;
• Capacity: up to 6000 bottles/hr (based on 500ml);
• Bottle filling volumes: 250ml, 330ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml and 2000ml;
• Number of cavities: 6 pcs;
• Controll: PLC, HMI;
• Working pressure (high pressure): 3.0Mpa;
• Low pressure: 1.0Mpa;
• Operational environment: temperature ≤ 35°C, humidity: ≤ 70%;
• Installed power including compressors: 65kW (380V/50Hz - 3 phases);
• Actual power consumption: <55kW/h;
• Material: SU304 food grade stainless steel;
• Overall dimensions: 4650 x 1650 x 2000mm (LxWxH), Weight: 3500kg;

Main technical parameters of high-pressure compressor:
• Brand: "Shangair", Model: 2-34SH-1830T;
• High durability, energy conservation, low vibration, low noise, low oil consumption and Overload protection;
• Motor power: 2 x 18.5kW (total installed power: 37kW, 380V/50Hz – 3 phases);
• Discharge capacity: 3.2m3/min;
• Maximum working pressure: 4.0 Mpa (for a short period of time, about 2.5 - 3 min.);
• Nominal working pressure: 3.0 Mpa;
• Overall dimensions: 2350 x 1100 x 1650 mm (LxWxH), Weight: 1150 kg;
• Designed and developed mainly for blow-molding machines. CE certified;

Main benefits of using blow-molding machine:
1. Eliminating the need for transportation and storage of empty bottles (volume air);
2. Requires transportation and storage for PET preforms only, which is much more easy and profitable;
3. Decreasing the price of the bottles if they are produced in the bottling factory;
4. Eliminating the possibility of contamination of empty bottles during transportation and storage;
5. Eliminating the need for manual operations for bottle feeding to the conveyor;

Purpose: producing of PET-bottles from preforms;
Machine's full set includes: all auxiliary parts and devices (compressors, filters, chillers, air tanks, wires, pipes, fasteners, etc.);
Available variation of the machine: for capacities of 3000 b/h, 4000 b/h and 8000 b/h, based on 500ml;

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