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This project can be funded in United States Factory constructions

General description: we provide a designing and building constructions for factories, workshops, offices, cold rooms, storehouses, etc. They can be build by using of strong steel framework, prefab "sandwich" panels and PVC doors/windows. Our construction projects provides all systems for electricity, power supply, lightings, heating systems, air conditioning systems, security video-surveillance, tap-water (cold & hot), sewages, sanitary rooms (WC, showers, changing rooms), workshops, warehouses, cold-rooms, offices, guest-apartments, etc.

Main technical parameters:
• Main walls: 50-150mm EPS/PU/WD panel, steel plate thickness 0.5mm;
• Roofs: 50-150mm rock/glass wool (corrugated), plate thickness 0.5mm;
• Main columns and girders: H-type steel, PVC-painted, H346x174x6x9;
• Wind-resisting columns: H-type steel, PVC-painted, H250x125x6x9;
• Purlins of roofs & walls: C-type steel, PVC-painted, C140x50x20x3;
• Diagonal brace of roof: round steel bar, PVC-painted, dia: 20mm;
• High-strength bolts: M20-24;
• Foundation bolts (anchors): M24-30;
• Steel panel doors or Roller doors: 4x4m, 3x4m, 2x4m, 2x3m;
• Windows and standard Doors: locable, PVC;
• Main switchboard: power wires, main switch, fuses, emergency shutdown, overload, electric shock and voltage drop protection;
• Inner lightings: LED-lightings, two-way switches, wires, fire resistant cable channels;
• Inner emergency lighting: lightings and directional signs for evacuation;
• Inner electricity: power supply sockets for 380V/50Hz and 220V/50Hz;
• Outdoor lightings (around buildings): waterproof LED-lightings, two-way switches, wires, fire resistant cable channel;

Purpose: factories, workshops, offices, cold rooms, storehouses, guest-appartments, etc;
Requirements compliance: all hygiene and HACCP requirements for food & drinks industry;
Resistance & stability: fire, up to 8 grade earthquake, drench, snowing and 140 km/h wind speed;
Construction's full set includes: all main and auxiliary parts for installation and commissioning;
Client should provide: crane, forklift, welding-machine, drill for concrete and metal, and 4m scaffolding;

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