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Why are we doing this?

Because we are professionals in this matter (especially water treatment!) and we know all the details (even hidden details) in the technologies for processing of liquids;
Because we have also been clients many times over the years, and we have also needed a supply of specific equipment. And therefore, we have already understood that no manufacturer can ensure full completion of the turnkey project, although all say it;
Because every manufacturer has its own point of view and own understanding about the technology, but each technology has its weaknesses which he points out as advantages or hides them. Client understands that, but only when he receive the equipment;
Because each manufacturer of the equipment has own developed technology that he provide to all clients. Generally, he produces it standardized and this technology is very hard to be customized according to the resources and requirements of the specific client. Everyone says that customization is possible, but we already know that this is not so;
Because our company is a representative of some of the major manufacturers of liquids processing machines from Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, France, USA and Bulgaria. Each of them is a professional in the specific direction (treatment, sterilizing, bottling, packing, labeling, etc.), and we can take the best machine from the relevant manufacturer, to get the best results;
Because our company has a service center certified by all producers about their production modules for warranty and post-warranty service. We get enough commission in the price of these modules, and for us is not need to increases prices;
Because we know that we are able to provide what you need: non-standard, but high performance and low maintenance costs production line. It is customized according to your existing conditions and special requirements, compact, fully automatic, reliable, safe and easy for operating, which will fully satisfy your requirements and can be tailored to your budget;
Because for us is most important to maintain good friendly relations with you, that are more like between friends, than like between seller and buyer. This will only be possible if our work is done well, and you are satisfied;

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