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Who we are?

We are Bulgarian company (POLYTONICA Ltd.) which deals in water research and water treatment technologies from 1998 y. We have created and developed many systems for obtaining of drinking water from any water source (ordinary tap-water, rivers, lakes, dams, wells, seawater, etc). We have a patented method for obtaining of PREMIUM QUALITY drinking water which is purified on very high level and suitable not only for direct use, but as base to producing of many other drinks: table water (still or carbonated), soft drinks, juices, milk, tea, beer, wine, etc... The main advantage of this water is that thanks to its physico-chemical composition and structure, it can remove all the accumulated toxins, sediments, pollutants and heavy metals in body`s cells, because this water is a perfect solvent and has the ability to penetrate into the cells of the human body. And since this water is enriched with additional pure OXYGEN, it reaches every cell of the body and provides its normal function...
Basing on this method, we have developed some other complete technologies, which are very interesting and useful for many clients worldwide. These technologies are related with processing of any kind of liquids, passing through all stages, from the creation of the bottle to palletizing the final product in the storehouse. By using of our method, in our factory we produce a very high quality drinking water under our own brand PONICA®.

PONICA® is a registered Trade Mark of POLYTONICA Ltd, Bulgaria with application No.128390/2013
PONICA® water products are obtained by patented technology, at the patent application No.111498/2013
PONICA® technology has a parallel application for Utility model No.2453/2013

Described documents are issued by Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria.
You can learn more about our technology and our drinking water products here: http://ponicawater.com
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